Terms & conditions.

Vaccinations: Puppies can have their first groom two weeks after their second vaccinations. Any dogs that have not been fully vaccinated puts itself and others at risk and Nantwich Marina Dog Grooming accepts no responsibility or resulting costs associated with any claims.

Health Conditions: The comfort & safety of your dog is my number one concern. Please detail any sensitivities, allergies, pre-existing medical conditions or any medical changes. Grooms may be postponed and or cancelled if your dog is showing sign of pain or distress. 

Older Dogs: Extra care and time will be given to  elderly dogs. However, if in our judgement your dog is showing any signs of stress or discomfort we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the groom.

Bitches: If your dog is pregnant the groom will be refused. Grooming can add stress and may even cause miscarriage. Dog in season are usually extra sensitive, therefore your grooming appointment will be rescheduled, if in 1st or last stage I may assess your dog for suitability and if a groom is to take place this will be when the salon is exclusive perhaps out of usual hours.  Usually I will only agree to groom in any stage if there is a balanced decision to be made between the stress caused by the condition of your dogs coat i.e. matted and the stress of grooming in any stage of season. It may be that I will suggest key matted areas affecting movement be groomed such as 'armpits' and groin perhaps behind ears if causing scratching and head shaking.

Aggressive dogs: Owners must inform us if your dog bites, has bitten or is aggressive to people, other dogs or specific types of grooming procedures. A muzzle may be used if necessary to protect both dog and groomer. We reserve the right to refuse or abandon any groom at any stage and charge a handling fee in addition to the regular groom charge. If your dog should bite, the owner agrees to be responsible for any and all related medical bills, recovery costs, loss of income and equipment damage. 

Muzzle Note : I use soft muzzles that allow a dog to behave naturally so able to open their mouths there is no discomfort it is more about keeping fingers out of mouths and will only be used for the part of the groom that your dog is sensitive towards.

Matted Dogs: According to the animal welfare act 2006 it is the owners responsibility to carefully check their dogs coat regularly and groom their dog as needed. Matts left in a dogs coat will grow tighter to the skin, causing pain and discomfort. The groomer will not cause dog’s pain, discomfort or stress by brushing out matted coats. Areas that can be safely brushed out will be noted on the contract form prior to the commencement of the appointment, however the maximum time for brushing out matts is 15 minutes as per the Animal Welfare Act. Heavy matting will require the dog to be a shaved, this will be discussed with the owner and coat maintenance advice will be given. Please note, shaving matted areas can cause Haematomas, redness, clipper rash and can uncover scabs and warts that if caught may bleed. In the case of matting an extra charge will be added to your groom and noted on the consent form.

The extra charge is for the additional time it takes and the excessive wear it causes to multiple blades used reducing there lifespan and cost of sharpening ahead of schedule.

Fleas: If fleas are found during your dog’s groom this will incur an additional charge of £20. This additional charge will cover a flea shampoo for your dog that will kill any fleas present and any other dogs booked in on that day. We will also need to treat the premises for any fleas with a fogger each cost £13 in addition to the sterilising of equipment soap used and labour this is a heavily subsidised charge.

Accidents: There is always a possibility that an accident will occur. We will always use extreme caution and care in all situations, however possible problems can occur, usually when a dog is over excitable or nervous. In order for your dog to properly respond to the groom, it is essential that your dog be alone with the groomer and the owner will not assist with the groom unless prior agreement has been made. We also advise that you do not enter the salon whilst your dog is being groomed as this may lead to your dog becoming excited and increases the risk of accidents.

Late Collections: In the event of the groom over-running we will call and make arrangements for a later collection. Please be on time to collect your dog, if you are unable to make the agreed collection time please call to inform us. Please note this may mean for the safety of your dog they may need to be placed in a suitable pen until collection. 

Cancellations: Please notify us within 48 hours prior to your appointment if you are unable to make it. This allows us time to fill this appointment. No shows  or cancellation with less than 48 hrs notice will have to pay 50% of their appointment cost and a 50% deposit to secure their next booking. 

Photographs: We would like to have your permission to take photographs of your dogs groom for our social media advertising. If you wish to opt out please inform the groomer at any time no GDPR data will be used.