Hand stripping, a nail trim, a full breed groom or spa treatment and more. If not listed let me know what your best friend needs.

Breed or Preference Groom

From £30 dependent on dog size breed, coat condition and behaviour.

dog grooming in nanwich
  • A full health check of ears, eyes, nose, mouth, skin and coat, nails incl dew claw and pads.

  • Pre check of coat de-matting removal of irreparable knots.

  • Nail Trim.

  • Ear hair removal and cleanse.

  • Hownd shampoo wash (minimum x 2 repeated more as required to achieve a squeaky clean coat) and condition. Warm blow dry.

  • Hygiene trim leg pits, groin, genitals.

  • Pads and paw trim.

  • Face trim.

  • Professional coat styling to breed or preference and scissor finish.

Bath Brush and De-shedd

From £15 depending on size breed and behaviour.

The owner is bathing the dog, using both

Bring your best friend for a bath and pamper with a spritz.

  • Hownd cruelty free organic shampoos and conditioner.

  • Minimum of 2 washes or more if required.

  • De-shedding brush and blow.

  • Perfect for mid groom treatment to help keep a knot free coat  aiding a more hair and dog smell free home. Most importantly a dog that feels comfortable and restriction free. It will also reduce the time your dog experiences removing matting on the grooming table.

Face Trim.

£5 Add to a bath and brush or on its own, included in a full groom.

yorkie in the glass.jpg

For dogs whose hair has got too long in front of their eyes and is trapping eye secretions matting hair, trapping dirt and bacteria near the eye. An eyebrow tweak and muzzle if necessary.


£6 When added to a bath and brush, £3 to a full groom and part of a spa package.

Grooming Golden Retriever dog. Closeup o

Your dogs feet are so important to them, their ability to move freely without impediment is critical to physical and mental well being.

We bathe each foot in oatmeal scrub shampoo, trim between pads check and remove knots, trim between toes (breed appropriate) trim nails and massage hemp balm into the pads.

Hand Stripping.

£25 per hour.

Jack Russell Terrier getting his hair cu

A skilled technique to remove the dead coat from the dog. Grooming this way ensures natural texture, colour and importantly structure. Clipping removes colour texture and structure permanently. Coat structure ensures protection from the sun, insect bites and ticks, thorny bushes, keeps your dog warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Suitable for most wire-haired breeds, it is a manual process and a lot of groomers no longer offer this service. I enjoy hand stripping and will be happy to offer a consultation to check if your dogs coat is suitable.

Some dogs enjoy it also and it’s not unheard of to find a border terrier asleep whilst you work. It’s not for all and that will be part of initial and ongoing assessment, so breaks will be taken as necessary areas avoided if your dog is uncomfortable, never more than an hour at a time on the table.

I will advise as to bathing on assessment.

Maintenance Groom

From £25 dependent on dog size, breed, coat condition and behaviour.

Schnauzer Dog grooming.jpg

For those who just like a tidy and simple groom. A single length clip without scissor work, enabling a more cost effective shorter interval groom. Very popular with those that enjoy long regular muddy walks.This groom makes it easier to keep clean in the home without increasing grooming costs.

Puppy College Course

£95 5 x 45 minute salon introduction appointments

purebred english Bulldog in glasses and

All new environments are an assault on a puppies senses and few more than a noisy salon full of smells, noise, textures, other dogs, and new physical experiences. Slow introduction to each new experience bathing, drying, the sounds of scissors and  clippers, the feel of the table on the feet.  It all ensures it's a moment of rewarded curiosity ensuring a happy grooming experience. Every graduate will receive a lifetime 10% discount!

All puppies accepted after 2nd vaccination. Please feel free to call in for 5 minutes if your near to further familiarisation.

Facial Scrub

£2 when added to a groom.

Close-up of Dog nose and mouth With whit

Removes all the food, dirt and grime from those mucky happy chops using a specialist facial scrub. Included in the spa package.

Nail Cutting

£6 small to medium- £8 Large dogs. 

a satisfied dog holds a nail clipper, a

Your dog needs their nails at the right length for comfort and foot health ensuring pain free exercise. Free in a full groom.

Colour Enhancing Great For White Coats and all Colours.

£5 When added to groom or wash and    de-shedd

Two West Highland Terrier puppies, 7 wee

A conditioning shampoo containing ingredients sourced from Green Tea Extract which strips away dirt and bacteria by attracting free radicals and oxidants from the hair follicles. Ginger extracts and aloe juice.This treatment leaves white dogs whiter, and substantially enhances the natural vibrant coat colours of all breeds. No Alcohols, soap, dyes, bleaches, parabens. But big fat yes to wheat free, ph balanced, vegan and tested on humans!

Spa Package.

£10 When added to a full groom.

dog dachshund, black and tan, relaxed fr

Feet washed in organic oatmeal shampoo scrub with natural hemp balm massaged into their pads, with blueberry facial wash for the eye and mouth area. Fresh breath gel with a luxury spritz.